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“Volevo solo vivere/I only wanted to live” (2006) documentary by Mimmo Calopresti, produced with Steven Spielberg with the Shoah Foundation in co-production with Gagè, Rai Cinema and RTSI Televisione Svizzera, event of the City of Rome in collaboration with the Jewish Community on January 28th 2006 at the Auditorium in Rome, in world preview as special event at the Film Festival in Cannes in 2006, distributed in Italy by 01, released in DVD by the end of October 2006 includes some extras (the comment by Mimmo Calopresti, the introduction by Steven Spielberg to the activities of the Shoah Foundation and a short comment on the film, the interview to Nedo Fiano riedited by Francesca Calvelli), shown in primetime on Rai1 exactly in occasion of the Day of Memory on January 27th 2007 with a share of 13, 23% (almost 1 Milion audience), distributed in Switzerland in movie theaters by Frenetic and on TV by SRG SSR Idée Suisse, and sold worldwide by Filmdistribution (France), it partecipated to all major international film festivals

Plot: Among the few Italian Jews survivors from Nazi persecutions, the documentary let nine survivors from the camp in Auschwitz share their memories about the life and death events and the final that characterized that period as prisoners.

The interviews are part of a wider collection of Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation.
The archival footages come from various worldwide institutions.


Nomination David di Donatello: Best Documentary

Nomination Nastri d’Argento: Best Documentary

Capri Hollywood Festival: Peace Award

Agave di cristallo, Lerici: “La memoria come presente” Award

Festival selections

Premiere Festival de Cannes 2006, “Sélection officielle, hors compétition”

Bellaria Film Festival

Jerusalem International Film Fesival

Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal

Annecy Cinema Italien

Palm Springs International Film Fesival

Göteborg International Film Fesival

Wisconsin Film Festival

Solothurn Film Fesival

Festival de Cine Italiano de Madrid

“Rumore Bianco/White Noise” (2008) documentary by Alberto Fasulo, coproduced with Faber Film/Nefertiti and RTSI, distributed in Italy by Truker Film, presented in the international competition at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence 2008 and at the Solothurn Film Festival 2010. Programmed on TSI, first swiss Italian channel, on primetime on January 2010.

Plot: Hymn to the river, its story related to historical events and the people who live along both sides

“Caterine” (2008) short by Pappi Corsicato, DoP Fabio Cianchetti, editing Fabio Nunziata, music “You don’t know me” by DJ Apparat, produced for FMR editor, entirely shot in the Studios of Cinecittà

Plot: Caterina de’ Medici has been a great patron of the artists. A dreamy homage in the recreation of the marvelous beauty of the renaissance.

"Omaggio ad Antonioni" (2007) clip by Alessandra Bergero, coproduced with Mona Productions, with the song “Human Behaviour” by Björk, projected on the outdoor screens of Eye Candy during the Mostra d’Arte Cinematografica in Venice 2007

Plot: the work of Antonioni still mingle with other artists and people visions. A surrealistic homage.

“L’abbuffata” (2007) film by Mimmo Calopresti (development of the production), an italian coproduction of Gagé Produzioni, Istituto Luce, Dania Film, distributed in Italy by Istituto Luce, presented at the Festa del Cinema di Roma 2007

“Azione è uscire dalla solitudine: un incontro con Luigi Pintor” (2007) documentary by Stefano Grossi, coproduced with Vostok Film, distributed in Homevideo by Manifesto and Manifesto libri

Plot: Pintor gives his own poetical interpretation of some clue words

"Empire II" (2007) film by Amos Poe, produced by Rain Fims (remake wahrolian “Empire” with music, among which "Privilege" by Marti), Sales Agent and Press Agent for Special Event in the section Orizzonti of the Mostra d’Arte Cinematografica in Venice 2007

“Torino è la mia città: le olimpiadi di Torino” (2006) documentary by Mimmo Calopresti, coproduced with Gagé Produzioni in collaboration with the City of Turin and the Museo del Cinema

“Come si fa a non amare Pier Paolo Pasolini. Appunti per un romanzo sull’immondezza” (2005) documentary by Mimmo Calopresti, coproduced with Gagé Produzioni, special event AMA – Municipalità of Rome in collaboration with the Fondo Pasolini on December 7th 2005 at the Auditorium of Rome.

Plot: In April 1970 Pasolini filmed the strike of the street cleaners in Rome. He never edited it. Those images were never seen before. Mimmo Calopresti pays homage to Pasolini editing some of the images with interviews with Pasolinis friends Laura Betti, Bernardo Bertolucci and Enzo Siciliano.

“500!” (2005) film by Giovanni Robbiano, Lorenzo Vignolo and Matteo Zingirian, (Distribution) Cast: Andrea Bruschi, Veronica Logan, Massimo Olcese, Marina Massironi, music by Mao, produced by Zero Budget (2000) distributed in Homevideo with Cecchi Gori Home
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