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Art Advisory - Mission Statement

The work of art is a complex object, at the same time the expression of a feeling and a thought of the artist and the expedient for a metaphysical dialogue between the artist and his audience.

My love for art, as well as being an intimate experience, can be translated into the mission of finding adequate spaces where the work of art can best stimulate that dialogue.

Each work of art has its own aesthetic and emotional specificity, each artist has his own story and every collector, gallery owner and passer-by, a different availability to dialogue and a different system of cultural references.

Creating moments of encounter with the work of art is a beautiful and difficult (challenging) adventure.

The artists I work with are friends, from different countries, who create works of art both abstract and figurative, with different techniques. The eclectic nature of the works is purely coincidental, yet the relationship with them is sincere.

My Art Advisory celebrates artists and honors their work.

L’opera d’arte e’ un oggetto complesso, al contempo l’espressione di un sentimento e un pensiero dell’artista e l’espediente per un dialogo metafisico tra l’artista e il suo pubblico.

Il mio amore per l’arte, oltre che essere un’esperienza intima, si puo’ tradurre nella missione di trovare spazi adeguati dove l’opera d’arte puo’ al meglio stimolare quel dialogo.

Ogni opera d’arte ha una sua specificita’ estetica ed emotiva, ogni artista una sua storia e ogni collezionista, gallerista e passante, una differente disponibilita’ al dialogo e un differente sistema di riferimenti culturali.

Creare momenti di incontro con l’opera d’arte e’ una bella quanto difficile (challenging) avventura.

Gli artisti con cui lavoro sono amici, di paesi diversi, che creano opere d’arte sia astratte e figurative, con tecniche diverse. L’ecletticita’ delle opere e’ puramente casuale, eppure il rapporto con esse e’ sincero.

La mia Art Advisory celebra l’artista e onora la sua opera.

Laurence Hoffmann (Switzerland and USA)

Laurence graduated in Analytical Philosophy with a PhD. in “Metaphor: A Ghost at the Edge of Language”, where she examined the parallels between games of words and the “The Empire of Lights” by Magritte.

With her Wildside Media (based in Switzerland), established to create and promote cutting-edge projects, she went on to produce international documentaries (notably “I Only Wanted To Live” an Italo-Swiss-USA production co-produced with Steven Spielberg) and to work extensively in short and long feature films and in cultural events.

In 2009 she moved to New York City. She has collaborated with film festivals and international film producers. In 2013 she started reporting on socio-cultural phenomena for the art magazine published on print by Scotto Mycklebust and since 2017 she is the contributing editor to Mycklebust’s online Art511 Magazine.

Besides her work as producer and consultant, Laurence has been active in the creative realm, both in film, music and fine art. Since 2017 she has been creating documentaries and experimental films to be published on Wildside-Media.com and youtube.com. Her art work has been exhibited in NYC (WestBeth Gallery in 2012, Burger and Lobster group show on City Views and in 2018, Eminent Domain: Intersectional feminist Art Exhibition curated by Art511 Magazines at the Former Robert Miller Gallery) and her more recent video “Imagination” will be screened during the Biennale in Venice (2019) at the Palazzo Papafava, curated by Alive in the Universe , UK.

In April 2019 she launched her ArtAdvisory to promote artists and their oeuvre. 

www.wildside-media.com  Laurence@wildside-media.com   (917) 213 1917

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